How might you experience the world around you if you were shrunk to the size of an atom?

Particle in a box is a virtual world governmed by the laws of Quantum Mechanics that enables you to experience the world of the very small.

College quantum mechanics courses often focus more on the mathematical constructs and less on the qualitative understanding of the subject. Existing visualizations (and very few existing games) for QM are also highly technical, too focused on mathematical formulas, and hard to approach. To tackle this problem, we are exploring supporting material such as interactive visualizations and games for teaching and learning quantum mechanics.

Incorporating an iterative design process, Particle in a Box is a game that combines principles from game design, scientific visualization, and QM physics to create a unique experience that allows players to compare the classical and QM environments and create a virtual environment that engages and habituates students to QM concepts.

Winner of Student's Choice Award at Serious Games Showcase & Challenge,
I/ITSEC, Oralndo, 2015

Play Game

Use Firefox or Safari as your browser to play the game

Our Team

The game is bring developed by an interdisciplinary team at Georgia Tech with people from various backgrounds such as Electrical Engineering, Digital Media and Computer Science. The research group is part of the Design and Social Interaction Studio at GVU.


Research Advisors
Nassim JafariNaimi
Assistant Professor, Digital Media, Georgia Tech
Azad Naeemi
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech

Student Researchers

Aditya Anupam
Developer and physics enthusiast
Ridhima Gupta
UX Designer
Justeen Lee
UX Designer and Motion Designer
Tanisha Wagh
UX Designer and Storyboarder

Previous Members

Rose Peng
UX Designer at IBM
Mithila Tople
UX Designer at Airwatch by VMware
Baishen Huang
Student at Georgia Tech
Bill Dorn
Student at Georgia Tech
Annick Huber
UX Designer and Graphic Artist
Shaziya Tambawala
UX Designer and Researcher

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